Safety Message Mats

Alsco Safety Message Mats are a great way to remind your staff and customers that safety is your business’ top priority.


We offer a range of safety message mats in colourful, striking designs that will keep safety front of mind as your staff go about their daily activities. We can even design custom messages to promote only the most important, relevant safety information that your business requires.

As well as providing a great safety reminder, our Safety Message Mats also have a high tech rubber backing ensure it stays firmly in place, keeping your staff safe by minimising slips and trips.

Keeps your workplace safer

Designed with bright, eye-catching artwork, these mats are impossible to miss. They’ll be a constant reminder to employees of important safety messages. Place them in key, strategic locations, corridors and working areas and ensure your workplace and staff and kept more aware and safer.

Protects floors from wear and tear

Place your Alsco Safety Message mats in high traffic areas therefore reducing wear and tear on your floors.

Collects dirt, dust and moisture

Alsco Safety Message Mats not only provide a great safety reminder but also their specially designed hi-tech fibre, collects dirt, dust and moisture keeping other areas of you workplace cleaner.

A new safety message every week

Alsco Managed Rental Service: We’ll supply, clean and replace your Safety Message Mats every week, ensuring your safety messages are as fresh as the mats they’re printed on.

Not what you’re looking for?

We got you! With our ChromaJet printing technology, we’re capable of designing and printing any custom imagery that your business needs in vivid, eye-catching colour and clarity. We’ll even help you design custom artwork at no added cost.

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