Employee satisfaction directly translates into employee productivity. Still, it’s not about money.

It is about respecting the people you work with and creating the environment they enjoy being in. People spend more and more time at work.

Therefore, improving the office conditions means investing in the quality of life of the people that are essential for your business. So, what will make your employees happy? Bigger paycheck – sure.

Still, there are other things that boost employee satisfaction, just as much. The truth is, providing your employees with some of these things will make them feel respected, cared for and satisfied. At the same time, it really does not have to be expensive to do so.

1. Generous PTO

PTO stands for Paid Time Off.

It does not mean that you should pay your employees every time they miss work. However, it means that you should consider giving them PTO for justified reasons.

Also, you can work out a system in which your employees can earn extra days off work. Give them away for exceptional results, good effort, and other great initiatives they show.

What you lose in paying for PTO, you will gain back in boosted employee productivity.

2. Casual Dress Code

Not everybody loves dressing up for work. At times, things can get really busy around the office and the pressure can build up.

Toning down the dress code at least once a week can relieve some of that pressure.

You can agree to have Casual Fridays under certain conditions. For example, Casual Friday is allowed only if clients have not announced their visit to the offices.

3. Occasional Free Lunch

This does not have to be an expensive feast that puts you into debt. Still, it is a nice way of showing that you respect the work your employees put into each day.

This is a great move, especially if everybody is working on an important project that is very stressful or there is a fair amount of overtime work involved.

Moreover, if you are all about improving the employee wellness, offer some healthy lunches from a local restaurant as a way of promotion.

If you decide on this sort of move, make sure you respect all the dietary restrictions of your coworkers.

4. Employee Discounts

This is not something that will cost you much. On the other hand it pays off double fold. First, you show your employees that you care for them.

Secondly, satisfied employees will be enticed to buy your product which sends a message of reliability and product quality to everybody else.

You need to work out the details of this deal with your employees: simple things like should the discount be transferrable and its amount.

5. Ergonomic Office Furniture

Sitting on an uncomfortable chair is harder than it looks like. Moreover, a correct sitting posture can make all the difference when it comes to your employee health.

There are a lot of ergonomic pieces of furniture that you can afford for your employees:

  • Adjustable chairs – for those that sit a lot
  • Ergonomic keyboards – for those that spend their days in front of computer
  • Anti-fatigue floor mats – for those that spend their shifts standing

6. Personal Space

If you can, get an office for every one of your employees. If that is not possible, at least invest in some sort of cubicles.

A little bit of privacy is important for productivity. It can reduce the stress by taking care of the noise levels. Also, everybody needs a place for a time-out when the pressure becomes too big.

In some cases, a smart positioning of air-purifying office plants can soothe down the noise and provide with, at least, a little bit of privacy.

7. Support for Parents

Work-family balance is very important for your employees. That means it is very important for you. You cannot expect somebody to be completely focused on their job if they are having troubles taking care of their kids.

Some of the things a company can do in this regard are:

  • Organising day care
  • Help finding reliable nannies
  • Give family emergency PTO
  • Have tolerance for family-related matters

8. Awesome Team Building Practices

When somebody asks your employees how they like their work, what do you want them to say? Of course, the first thing they talk about is how much they make and how hard they work.

If you do your team building properly, another topic that will come up in these sorts of conversations will be – how much fun they are having at work.

Build a strong team in which people know each other very well. Offer interesting team building ideas and discuss them with your employees.

9. Good Health Plans

Health is the most treasured thing anybody can have. Caring about your employees’ health is best shown through offering them good health plans.

Do not be afraid of paying a bit more for this type of insurance because it pays off in your employee health and satisfaction.

There are even companies that pay 100% of their employee health care coverage. Needless to say, these companies have no troubles attracting the best and the most talented workers on the job market.

10. Clean Uniforms and Spotless Workplace

People who wear uniforms in their workplace have a very interesting attitude when it comes to their workwear.

  • Uniforms make people take pride in their work
  • It is proven that people do a better and more efficient job when wearing a uniform
  • Some employees report that their attitude toward work changes when they put on their uniform
  • Some researches have proven that people trust staff in uniforms more

Given that the uniforms are this important, it is essential that they are crisp clean at all times and perfectly maintained.

Keeping a high standard of uniform cleanliness is necessary. But, it is not easy. It means that you constantly need to wash them, iron them and fix all the tears and wears.

It can be overwhelming and even make you feel like you need to employ somebody just to take care of the uniforms. However, you can save your money and rent uniforms from Alsco.

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Photo Courtesy from: Pixabay by helpsg