Basic business 101: you need to earn more money than you spend. That is the only way to stay afloat. This can lead to the following conclusions:

  • To earn more, you need to boost employee productivity. Healthy employees are more productive.
  • Earning money happens when your business has a good reputation and good advertising.

Don’t look up at the sky searching for the way how to make both of these things happen at the same time. Look down!

The answer is right there under your feet: your floor mats. You can definitely use these simple everyday objects as serious weapons in your quest to create a successful business. Here is how.

1. Preventing Dust and Germs from Entering Your Workplace

You may not think of this as a big deal at all, but it actually is. Let’s say you do not have a proper mat at your entrance. Dust and germs are brought into your workplace.

What happens next? First, the germs spread diseases and that leads to many of your employees getting sick. Sick employees are not happy employees and that is never a good thing.

Secondly, the dust build-up is not a pretty sight. Everybody that comes inside your workplace will see that first. That is not a good way to build company image.

So, what you need is a good high-traffic mat at your entrance. It needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained.

2. Boosting Your Employee Health and Wellbeing

Your receptionists, industrial workers, chefs, baristas, and many other employees spend most of their time on their feet. In time, their muscles, and joints begin to ache. Prolonged standing can have serious effects on one’s health.

It is not easy to be a good and productive worker if you are in constant discomfort. A lot of this can be solved by providing your workers with proper anti-fatigue mats at their workplace.

They boost your employee productivity and general satisfaction with their work conditions. One of the good things that come out of this is that your business thrives on satisfied employees.

3. Preventing Employee Fatigue

Constant standing on a hard surface does not do your joints and your back any favours. Sooner or later, they begin their mutiny against such treatment and muscles and joints begin to hurt.

This type of pain causes fatigue and reduces employee satisfaction. This is one more situation in which anti-fatigue mats can come in handy. They reduce the pressure and make standing more bearable.

Moreover, they reduce the levels of noise, which is a great perk when it comes to working in busy places.

4. Seriously Reducing Workplace Injuries

You cannot prevent all the workplace injuries. Still, you can do your best to reduce their number. Nobody wants to have a business where people get hurt.

Again, you need to find a proper type of mat that reduces slipping and tripping. For this, it needs to have a strong grip on its lower side in order to be fixated to the floor.

Also, its materials used for its upper side need to make slipping impossible. Some of the great wet area mats have holes in them so that the liquids are not in contact with the surface on which employees walk.

5. Actively Boosting Brand Awareness

Good and big advertising space is always expensive. Billboards, big ads in magazines and similar surfaces cost a lot. Still, there is one big surface that usually goes unnoticed and it truly lends itself to a big, nice corporate message or logo.

You guessed it: your floor mat. An amazing logo floor mat can be positioned at your entrance or in front of your reception area. A nice big logo will advertise your company perfectly and subtly.

Different corporate messages can be positioned all over your workplace on high-quality floor mats.

Good advertising means better brand awareness. Better brand awareness equals more clients and more profit.

6. Improving the First Impression About Your Company

A good first impression is important in business. This is not only true for people, but for business venues, as well. When you enter a new place, the first thing you do is to form an impression of it. You look around, smell it, and hear it. What you remember the most about a place is how it made you feel.

If you enter and step on a nice and clean entrance mat, it automatically improves your feeling about the place. It is pleasant and nice to stand on a clean and soft mat.

Moreover, if this high traffic mat is spotlessly clean and has a nice logo on it – even better.

A good mat makes better first impressions. Good first impressions mean better chances of landing new clients. Naturally, this means more profit. So, this is another way how a good mat brings you more money.

All these tips are about how good mats help you make more money. However, these mats also cost money, so is their maintenance and cleaning.

Do they actually pay off if you need to buy all those mats and pay a small fortune? If you buy all of them, they definitely do not pay off. However, if you rent them from Alsco, that is a completely different story.

Alsco has all these floor mats in their offer. You need to pick the mats you feel are right for you and that is where your troubles stop.

Alsco prepares those mats for you, brings them, and installs them. Moreover, you agree on a schedule and our staff then comes at agreed times, replaces those mats with clean ones, and takes the used ones for a thorough industrial-level cleaning.

All this is included in a monthly fee that your budget will hardly notice. Contact Alsco representatives and get a quote tailored to your business.